Event Security and Stewarding

We have a large range of Security and Stewarding services, please take a look through and see how we can help you, cant see the service you need? No problem! drop us an email where we will be able to help you. 

Event Response Teams



Our Response Teams are highly trained individuals who mostly are from ex forces and police backgrounds, all Response Officers have to go through various courses to allow them to work as a Response Officer. All Officers are trained in the use of Handcuffs, ID Spray, Leg Restraints Aswelll as training for Crowd Disorder and Control & Restraints. 


SIA Event Security



All our Event Security are trained and Licenced by the security industry authority and are there to help in making sure your event is a successful and safe one, Our Event Security teams go through extensive training and have years of experience in the event industry. You can be sure whatever your requirements, wether its search teams, pit crew, bar security or response teams, you can be sure we can help.